Learning earth science should be fun! We developed these EZ 2 Kits to learn about different properties and uses of rocks and minerals.

EZ2 Kits demonstrate:

  • Why rocks and minerals are important in our everyday lives.
  • What happens when light penetrates different minerals.
  • Different types of fossilization.

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Item # Item Description Price
Rocks & Minerals in the Foods We Eat - This set offers a fun way to learn about how we use rocks and minerals every day. There are 2 specimens we eat daily.

Kit includes:
  • 6 numbered specimens used in the foods we eat.
  • Identification key with suggested learning activities.
  • Storage box with compartmented tray to hold the specimens.

Rocks & Minerals For Faces and Other Places - Teaches us about how we use rocks and minerals in and on our bodies to protect, maintain and enhance our health, hygiene and appearance.

Kit includes:
  • 9 numbered specimens that are used to make products like makeup and antacids.
  • Identification key.
  • Storage box with display tray for specimens.