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Rocks and minerals are essential in our lives. The world would be a completely different place if we did not know how to mine, process and use minerals. To learn more just click a name:
  1. Aluminum - Aluminum is an essential metal we use every day. Do you know how it is made?
  2. Recycled - How much is that old computer REALLY worth?.
  3. Geologic Time - A colorful geologic time chart highlighting important events of Earth's history.
  4. Rock Cycle - The difference between rocks and minerals. How rocks form.
  5. Mineral Uses - How we put minerals to work for us; what are they used for?
  6. 1st Gold Rush in the US had nothing to do with California or the 49er's!
  7. Gold - is the heaviest mineral known. A cubic foot weighs half a ton!
  8. Salt (Halite) - You eat it every day. But how many of its 13,999 other uses can you name?
  9. Lead (Galena) - Lead is a metal that is essential to daily life. How much do you know about it?
  10. Copper - Copper is the world's oldest useful metal and an integral part of modern technology.
  11. Coal - Coal is essential in YOUR life. Can you name the type that affects you?
  12. Aggregates aren't "pretty" rocks, but where would you be without them?
  13. Fireworks - Those beautiful fireworks displays on the Fourth of July wouldn't exist without minerals.
  14. Bible Minerals - Rocks and minerals in the Bible.
  15. Mohs Scale - This is a simple, basic introduction to Mohs Scale.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF MINERALS ... Looking for information about the physical characteristics of rocks and minerals and how they can be used to help identify specimens? One of the most comprehensive sites available to learn about these important features. Thanks to the Amethyst Galleries for their link to their site (

MINERAL PHOTOGRAPHS ... Looking for mineral photographs? This is one of the best collections of mineral photographs is Shinichi Kato's photos. Thanks to Shinichi Kato for his outstanding site and for making it available to students, teachers and collectors (

MINING GLOSSARY ... Use this glossary you if you want to learn about a specific term used in the mining world.

MINERAL INFORMATION ... If you need to find detailed information about individual minerals, check here.