Learning earth science should be fun! We developed these EZ 2 Kits to learn about different properties and uses of rocks and minerals.

EZ2 Kits demonstrate:

  • Why rocks and minerals are important in our everyday lives.
  • What happens when light penetrates different minerals.
  • Different types of fossilization.

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Item # Item Description Price
Rocks We Eat - This set offers a fun way to learn about how we use rocks and minerals every day. There are 2 specimens we eat daily.

Kit includes:
  • 6 numbered specimens used in the foods we eat.
  • Identification key with suggested learning activities.
  • Storage box with compartmented tray to hold the specimens.

Rocks For Faces and Other Places - Teaches us about how we use rocks and minerals in and on our bodies to protect, maintain and enhance our health, hygiene and appearance.

Kit includes:
  • 9 numbered specimens that are used to make products like makeup and antacids.
  • Identification key.
  • Storage box with display tray for specimens.


Optical Rocks - This set demonstrates the optical properties of rocks. Visible light travels in a straight path through the air. However, if it encounters a transparent or translucent object like the specimens in this kit something happens. Some light will be reflected away by the surface of the object and some will be refracted (bent) from its original path as it passes through the object.

Kit includes:

  • 4 numbered specimens consisting optical calcite, ulexite, quartz and phlogopite.
  • A detailed instruction booklet to learn about what happens to light rays when they strikes and penetrates the surface these minerals.

Fossil Type Kit - Not all fossils are petrified. Surprised? Learn about the different types of fossilization.

This EZ 2 Kit contains:
  • 6 numbered fossil specimens with an information sheet.
  • Fossils that illustrate molds, casts and imprints.
  • Storage box with display tray for specimens.
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